What God Has Called Us To Do


Share the Gospel and win the lost.

Bring each believer to maturity by building an
apostolic, prophetic Training Center to equip
Christians to fulfill Godís purposes.  The Training
Center will utilize every form of communication to
share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, including: media,
music, art, and dance.

Fulfill our God given mission with an apostolic and
prophetic mantle.  Be apostolic in helping others
reach their full potential.  Be prophetic to share the
word of the Lord with those in spiritual deserts so
Godís army can be raised up and strengthened.


Teach and train Christians to walk in the fruit of the
Spirit, and the gifts of the Spirit.

Be a center of worship that will help others
experience worship in the Holy of Holies.

Share the refreshing of the Holy Spirit in the north,
south, east and west.

Your help is needed and

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