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An In-Depth Study on Christian Foundations by Larry Lee Coats

is $10.00 and $2.50 for postage (in the USA), order number B0001.

A book that covers the following topics essential to grow in the Lord's grace: How to Prepare a Lesson, How to Lead a Bible Study, The Lord God (some of His attributes, the Trinity), The Word of God (the Bible and its power to change lives), Redemption (including how to receive salvation), Baptisms, The Church, Spiritual Gifts, Praise and Worship, The Lord's Supper, Prayer, Financial Blessing and Success, The Resurrection, Judgment and Heaven. It is repleat in scripture references for each topic. Also, study questions accompany each chapter which is helpful in learning the Word of God.   


The Praise and Worship Workshop by Larry Lee Coats

is $10.00 and $2.50 for postage (in the USA), order number B0002.  

Also available on video for $20.00 order number: VDPraise, postage is $2.50.

This book is a unique combination of music theory and Scriptural principles on praise and worship.  The following topics are included: The Nature and Development of Music, The Purpose God Created Music, The Nature of Demonic Music, The First Musical Instruments, The Tempered Scale, Musical Instruments in Church, The Music Scale and Notation, Notes on the Music Scale, The Chromatic Scale, Names of Intervals, Music Clefs and the Stave, Music Timing, The Time Signature, Music Rhythm, Rests, Dotted Notes, Sharps and Flats, The Natural Sign, The Octave Sign, Speed, Volume, Key Sitgnatures, Types of Minor Keys, Chords and Harmony, Traditional Tertian Chords, Lead Sheet Symbols and Polychords, Triads and Inversions of Chords, The Nature and Uses of Chords, Principles of Praise and Worship, True Worship, Styles of Praise and Worship, Musicians Guidelines for Services, Piano Improvising, Playing by "Ear", How to Find the Notes of a Chord, Piano Improvising Techniques, Chord Patterns in 4/4 and 6/8, Composition of New Songs, What Key to Use, What Meter to Use, How to Develop a Melody.